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We are New York Legal Publishing Corporation, located in Albany, New York.

Our publications have encompassed a significant portion of the legal history of New York State and New York City.

The New York Red Book, for example, is on its 129th edition, and was first published in 1892, around the time my great-grandfather came to this country, the Diesel engine was patented, and both the hamburger and Fig Newton are introduced.

The New York City Charter has been in print since 1898, the date of first recorded automobile sale, and the start of the Spanish-American War.

The New York City Administrative Code has been in print since 1937, the year the Golden Gate bridge was opened, and the Hindenburg exploded while attempting to hook itself to a mooring post.

We are the publisher of the Rules of the City of New York.

We provide electronic access to the New York State Building Code (see Autobook Codes of New York State) and the New York City Building and Construction Codes (see Building Code Search).

As you can see, we've been at this awhile. I personally put our first publication on the Web in 1996 (the New York Red Book), and all the rest of them in the following years. Our online data is here to stay, though it may change appearance from time to time.

Our products offer comprehensive, analytical and practical information in a range of specialty practice areas in New York.

We are a leading content provider of New York City administrative and regulatory law to the City’s legal and professional markets.

This site will provide you a view to the books, loose-leafs and electronic products we have to offer for the legal and professional markets in New York. A full catalog of publications lives here.

We are also a full service book publisher providing typesetting and printing and publishing services. For a quote please contact us at info@nylp.com