LATEST EDITIONS: | 2023 Redbook  | NYC Building & Const. Codes October 2023 Edition | 2023 #2 Rules of the City of NY Supplements | 2023 #2 Charter & Admin Code Supplements | autoBOOK Building Codes of New York State: 2020 Edition. | Goldfeder's Modern Election Law Sixth Edition  | Updated Unconsolidated NYC Local Laws

The New York City Charter and Administrative Code
The Rules of the City of New York
The New York Red Book
New York Legal Advance Service/New York City Local Laws
Building Code Search® - NYC Building Code
Byer's Civil Motions - Leventhal Second Revised Edition
Goldfeder's Modern Election Law - Fourth Edition
Opinions of the NYS Attorney General
2016 autoBOOK© Codes of New York State

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